Nanogen or Toppik? Which is best?

fibre25I have used both of these hair fibre concealers in the last few years and in the end went for Nanogen because it simply stayed in longer. I came across this article yesterday which seemed to ring true with my own thoughts of these two products (you can read the full article here):

Millions of people suffer from hair loss. There are hundreds of concealers on the market that promise to help your hair grow. If you suffer from hair loss, you deserve the best and most efficient product that will conceal or stop any more thinning.

Nanogen and Toppik are two of the leading concealers on the market. Both of these concealers have electronically charged small fibers to bond  with your existing strands. Nanongen and Toppik claim to make user’s hair more full and thick. The following is a product comparison between these two leading concealers.


Nanogen (Nanofibres) and Toppik are both applied by placing the product on top of thinning spots. However neither of these products will work on a completely bald area. They both need hair fibres to bond with in order to take root and grow. If you are not careful, the application of these products can be a bit messy. Microfibers tend to fly everywhere when applying to your scalp.

Fibre Holding Sprays

Nanogen as well as Toppik both supply a fibre holding spray to be applied just like hair spray. This fibre holding spray costs between £7 and £10. Some users don’t believe that the fibre holding spray is worth the purchase.

Many mention that ordinary hair sprays work just as well as the fibre sprays.

I don’t use them as I find that that they stay in fine without the spray.

Appearance Once Applied

In this test, Nanogen’s appearance was better than that of Toppik’s directly after application. After application, Nanogen appeared to give hair lift almost immediately after a small pat on the head. Toppik, on the other hand, does not achieve the same lift and “sits” on the head until roughly aggravated. After application, Nanogen’s Nanofibres also seems fuller and more healthy than Toppik. Also fewer Nanofibres are needed to achieve a full head of hair.

Hairline Accumulation

Concealers are notorious for collecting around the hairline if you aren’t careful (to prevent this try wiping away residue with a damp towel). Both of them accumulate near the hairline, giving the appearance that grout or dirt is in the hair, however Nanogen does not do this as much as Toppik; The Nanofibres seem to attach to the natural strands on my hairline better than Toppik.

Day to Day Wear

Both Toppik and Nanogen perform well in outdoor conditions. In windy weather, both concealers held in place while outside.

Colour Matching

It is unclear how blondes who use Nanogen experience colour matching. However, Toppik users who are blonde complain often about not having adequate blond matching concealers. For users with brown hair, colour match seems to be no problem. The brunette colours for both Nanogen and Toppik match the natural colour perfectly. In order to increase the success of colour matching, ensure that you distribute the product over the thinning spot as well as close areas that may not be thinning.


After testing both hair fibre brands, consumers can expect approximately the same results from both products. Nanogen, however, edges out Toppik on hairline accumulation and appearance after application. While Toppik wins on shipping and cost. In the end, both products performed pretty well and are good choices for concealers.

So there you have it – Nanogen wins I think.

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