Merck’s Propecia The Target Of Lawsuits

As continuing revelations detail the disastrous side effects that Propecia has had on hundreds of healthy young men, Merck’s being targeted by suits. Doctors at two of this nation’s leading medical schools have linked drawn-out and potentially irreversible male sexual dysfunction, clinical depression, breast cancer and high grade prostate cancer and the hair growing drug Propecia.

Drawing data from six Propecia clinical trials, one review of the undesirable sexual side effects of the drug reported that about 6 to 8 percent of patients experienced erectile dysfunction. Basically, it’s been alleged that many guys using this drug were not aware that these Propecia sexual side effects can continue for years or months after use.

Although the most important are sexual side effects, sufferers also suffer significantly from physical and mental side effects that become more prominent and consistent after they discontinue taking Propecia. Irwig recognizes the variety of guys experiencing long lasting side effects from finasteride is modest, although the prevalence of sexual side effects in clinical trials was around 2%, the prevalence of constant sexual side effects is unknown, but probably less than 0.1%. “But because the drug is prescribed so generally, it is still lots of folks, likely several thousand men all over the world,” Irwig told ABC News.

survey that revealed a variety of negetive effects that appeared after Propecia use

The chosen group of patients, young men between the ages of 46 and 21, took a survey that revealed a variety of sexual side effects that appeared after Propecia use, including problems with erectile function, sexual desire, arousal, climax and climax fulfilment.

But if you are the one who does, you are going to be kicking yourself for ever taking this medication.” Girls should approach their partners with a matter of fact attitude towards the problem at hand, laced with a whole lot of empathy and love.

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