Louise Redknapp Becomes Face Of Viviscal

fibre37“I understood it was hormonal and didn’t panic, although my hair was coming out in my hands. “After a couple of weeks it ceased occurring and my hair grew back, but it had been still rather thin. Subsequently, when I began going through the menopause a couple of years back, my hair began falling out again. “Locating the nutritional supplement is a blessing. I’ve spent my life trying to produce my hair seem more luxuriant but now, at last, it feels and seems like it has actual body.

It says, the look of your hair will thrive with hair slowly seeming fuller, stronger and denser. There’s also clinical data demonstrating that in a study group of men with hereditary hair thinning, 93 per cent had some increase in the amount of hairs per square centimetre 19 hairs over an area the dimensions of a 10p coin.

I must be among the seven per cent. Favorable, observable results are guaranteed in up to 12 weeks but I could see no difference despite often brushing three times a week, as instructed, since mid-May.

doctors desire to provide you with drugs for everything,” she says. “But I loathe the notion of filling my body with drugs. I’ve always strived to prevent them, even aspirin.” As a younger girls, she was lucky her hair grew back each time, but as she approached the menopause she became increasingly worried about hair loss as a result of hormonal changes.

Last September, informed with a buddy, she began shooting Viviscal, an all-natural nutritional supplement produced from silica, infusions and vitamin C. A recent independent study found it could improve hair growth by 45 per cent in half a year.

Louise Redknapp Louise Redknapp has become the newest face of Viviscal. We’re pleased to introduce Louise Redknapp as the surface of Viviscal The TV presenter – who is married to former football star Jamie Redknapp – will front the newest effort for the UK’s top hair nourishing supplement to show that girls of any age may reap the benefits of utilizing the supplement. The 36-year old beauty – who has two kids with Jamie – said of her new job: “After personally experiencing hair thinning when pregnant, I’m relieved that there’s an all-natural treatment for help preserve and revitalise my hair.

Using Viviscal has boosted my confidence and I’m excited to talk about my secret with several other girls across great BRITAIN.” Natasha Bryant, Brand Manager for Viviscal, included: “We are pleased to introduce Louise Redknapp as the surface of Viviscal. Girls as young as twenty one are often buying the item, so having Louise on board may help deliver our message that we may help girls of any age with hair development.” Viviscal is a 100 per cent natural food supplement that has been clinically shown to lessen thinning hair, hair loss and also helps boost existing hair development.

“It is wonderful to not have to think about my hairanymore.”

Hair loss: The facts The most usual kind of baldness could be activated by life-altering events including going house, a bereavement or pregnancy, resulting in complete thinning of the hair. Based on specialists, how many girls asking for guidance about hair loss has doubled during the last ten years. And there’s a noticeable increase in younger girls (aged between 18 and 40) who are impacted. It is thought that around 4.8million girls in britain suffer from level of baldness at any one time. When you have seen slow thinning or uncovered clumps of hair in the restroom floor it could come as a jolt.

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