Hair Restoration Options For Women

womenIt may surprise you that hair transplants initially started for men but now hair restoration for women is equally popular as the amount of women suffering from hair loss has greatly increased. There are very few women who prefer a surgical option compared to using other products. Women use hair loss treatments such as Viviscal or Regaine to grow hairs on head, eyebrows and other parts of the body. There are many products available today aimed at females and they are used through the world.


Made from the extracts of marine fish this Finnish brand has taken the world by storm. Viviscal comes in the form of tablets which are taken twice a day for at least 6 months. There have been many clinical trials which have shown that it is an effective hair restoration option for women. As all the ingredients in Viviscal are naturally sourced the tablets are easily available over the counter or online – no prescription necessary.

The is a similar supplement named Nourkrin which operates the same way containing similar ingredients. They both work by supplying nutrients through the bloodstream to the follicles and breaking down any barriers shielding the follicles (reducing nutrient supply).

Minoxidil (Regaine)

There are many products, one of the most popular is Regaine. The product is sold around the world and it has received massive popularity and success among people facing hair thinning issues. It contains an ingredient named minoxidil which was once used to treat high blood pressure and even acne. Minoxidil is now mainly used to treat baldness for women and men. The ingredient is also available separately but it comes with a brand name of Regaine used as natural hair loss treatment.

It is easily available in the UK, United State and Canada and it is also exported to some countries. It comprises of a natural ingredient but it is designed to solve to problem safely. It comes in liquid form and it is very easy to use. The liquid should be applied directly on the scalp with by using a small 2ml dropper twice a day and let it dry into skin.

The manufacture also advises to strictly follow instructions for good results. It is also advised to use Regaine for at least four months to see its best effects. Regaine should not be applied on other parts of the body. Another important thing to know here is that this product works only for even hair loss and not total.

Hair Genesis

Other popular products include Hair Genesis. It is also a good product backed by scientific research. The product was first designed in 1995 and they have good amount of experience in this industry. A good feature of Hair Genesis is that it can also be used by men.

It targets thinning hair in women and delivers nutrition to encourage its growth. The product comes in four different sizes ranging in cost and supply while individual ingredients are also available. The smallest kit cost £60 known as starter kit and it comprises of three different bottles.

Another good feature is that it is also available in oral, serum, shampoo and conditioner form for user convenient. They have different ingredients but active ingredients are used in all form for hair replacement. Using any of these products is a cheap and affordable option for most people when compared to the alternative surgical treatment.

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